Due to the new reactive chemicals, the new Avitera SE gamut in combination with the detersive surfactant Eriopon LT allows for low-temperature dyeing (60°C) at simultaneous ultra-short liquor ratio. Low temperatures combined with the ultra-short dyeing technology and minimum washing-off cycles reduce the water and energy consumption and the associated CO² emissions. As a result of this, textile factories are able to save considerable amounts of energy, time and water and thus make a substantial contribution to preserving the environment.

An innovative gamut, for the time being with three dyestuffs (yellow, red, blue), for medium and dark shades; the gamut will be constantly extended in the next few years. Since the dyestuffs exhibit an extremely high degree of fixing power, a washing-off temperature of 60°C is sufficient in combination with Eriopon LT. In combination with the Gentle Power Bleach, which enables low-temperature bleaching at neutral pH, the Avitera SE gamut is an innovative step, which allows for water, energy and time consumption to be reduced by up to 50%.



Huntsman Textiles wins the 2014 ICIS Innovation Awards for its revolutionary AVITERA® SE dyes.

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