• Light stabilizers
    We offer combinations of sterically hindered amines and UV absorbers for different applications and polymers.
  • UV / IR absorber
    Our various absorbers protect plastics from damaging effects of light, for example by preventing the absorption of light at wave lengths <420 nm and absorption of infrared radiation.
  • Antioxidants
    prevent the oxidative degeneration by improving the heat resistance during production. We offer long-term heat stabilizers, process stabilizers and combinations.
  • Antistatics
    These products prevent and reduce electrostatic charge of plastic articles.
  • Slip agents
    We offer internal lubricants which affect positively the flow properties of the melt or external lubricants which improve the smoothness and gloss of the surface.
  • Antiblock
    You can find in our product range organic and inorganic systems, which reduce the surface adhesion of materials to themselves or to other materials and improve anti-friction properties.
  • Flame retardants
    They prevent flammability due to physical or chemical mechanisms. We offer halogenated and halogen-free combinations for different burning norms.
  • Nucleating agents
    By increasing the degree of crystallinity these products improve transparency and rigidity of the plastic. Cycle times are reduced.
  • Processing aids
    These systems we offer improve the flow behavior of polymer melt and reduce deposits in the extruders.
  • Cleaning agents
    You can find these compounds in our range which are used for rinsing the extruder and tool when material and color are changed or the machine is switched off.
  • Foaming agents
    We sell these agents that are used under controlled influence of heat for foaming or for the reduction of shrink marks.
  • Antifog
    With these products for packaging and films which are used in agriculture you can prevent the formation of drops on the surface during condensation by forming transparent water films.
  • Antimicrobial agents
    These systems are useful against bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi and algae.
  • Fillers
    We sell these fillers to adjust mechanical properties and to upgrade materials.
  • Additive combinations
    We offer you combinations of different additives in one batch, to increase efficiency and profitability. Also colors can be combined with various additives.