Glassfiber reinforcements for marine applications

Reinforcements for Infusion
This reinforcements are very well suited for GRP boat production.

  • X-flow products
  • Heavy multiaxials
  • Adhesive reinforcement


  • Economical, environmentally friendly production technology
  • Production of laminates with high glass content and good mechanical properties
  • Offers good reproducibility and production of parts requiring high dimensional accuracy

Reinforcements for thermoforming
RTC is a woven consisting of chopped glassfibre and polypropylen as matrix. RTC is ideal for interior panels as well as semi-structural parts.

  • Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

Reinforcements for Light RTM and RTM
Closed mold processes are gaining popularity as a manufacturing method in the marine industry.

  • Combiflow
  • Stitched mat
  • Multiflow


  • Special, functional reinforcements for excellent drapability and resin flow properties
  • Increasing efficiency by reducing time of media placement
  • Decreasing cycle time due to their special Flow Media

Reinforcements for Open Mold
All Ahlstrom reinforcements are easy to use and have fast wetting properties.

  • Woven Rovings
  • Combination Products
  • Multiaxials
  • UD