Sealing systems for sealing and filling of joints and underbody protection for bus, truck and other commercial vehicles

With us you will find quality products for sealing, filling and bonding lightweight materials in busses, trucks and other commercial vehicles. As body seams are sealed, they offer more protection against corrosion and hold dust, dirt and moisture from the inside of the vehicle. They also provide better adhesion, acoustics and thermals.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Road noise and engine noise absorbing
  • Recoatable for an optimal finish
  • Reduction of vehicle weight
  • Permanent elasticity


  • Inner lining seams, seam sealing for glass roofs, visual enhancement of visible seams inside and outside
  • Gap filling between trim panels, panels for insulation of impacts and vibrations
  • Sealing of aluminum components, lightweight materials, frames of wood, metal and plastic or window frames
  • Sealing bulkhead and fixation of door panels, mudguards and wheel arches

In some cases, cleaners and primers are needed, in others sealant or adhesive can be applied without primer directly onto substrates.

Cavity Sealing and noise reduction
The L&L cavity sealing and acoustic technologies reduce noise entering and exiting a vehicle body by managing noise propagation while at the same time reducing the risk of body corrosion. L&L Seal elastic joining systems are available in tape, paste, die cut, clip, metal carrier and injected molded thermoplastic carrier formats to efficiently match customer build rate and geometry requirements.