Acoustic systems for underbody protection and sealing with integrated sound insulation properties for bus, truck and other commercial vehicles

Sound damping
We offer different systems for optimum sound damping, they ensure the optimization of cost, weight and acoustic properties of the construction of buses, trucks, commercial vehicles and special vehicles. The range includes impact-resistant coatings that are pumpable, expanding and vibration dampening, ideal for vibration damping, and are used for example for doors and gland plates with corrosion-resistant properties. We also offer self-adhesive, multilayered systems that are ideal for manual applications and are available in many forms. Multilayer systems absorb the vibration energy of the components to which they are applied.

DECI-TEX fiber-based, acoustic technology
DECI-TEX fiber-based, acoustic technology is available in sheet and part form. The current DECI-TEX range includes:

V series - vertically-lapped, lofted sound absorption materials;
T series - thermoformable acoustic sheet materials and
M series - molded vertically lapped lofted sound absorption materials.

As well as delivering high acoustic / thermal performance while being lighter and lower in cost than the competition, our approach is to offer solutions that are engineered for customer-specific applications.