In many aerospace sectors, the area of mobility requires the highest standards from technical products, materials and suppliers. In no other sector is there a greater pressure to minimize weight and for this reason, carbon fibre strengthened composites play such a significant role.
When carbon composites are glued to other lightweight materials such as aluminium or titanium, bonding on the most varied materials must be secured and attention must be paid to the specific properties of the materials (e.g. different thermal expansion).
In aviation, these properties are combined with high fire requirements. Thus, cabin materials must comply with strict combustibility, flue gas density and combustion gas toxicity standards (FST requirement according to FAR 25.853 or ABD 0031).
Bodo Möller Chemie offers carbon fibre reinforcing materials, resin systems, core/edge fillers, as well as adhesives approved for aviation. The materials partially comply with the above-mentioned FST requirements.
As aerospace sector supplier, we have high quality standards in place and are certified in the sector according to DIN ISO EN 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and EN 9120.