Mobility-Automotive and Transportation

For production and manufacturing in the automotive and transportation industry comfort, safety, quality and reliability have always been important criteria. New factors such as low consumption and low emissions are added and play an increasingly important role to secure competitive advantages in the rapidly developing automotive market.
With us you will find high quality products to find cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet your needs regarding interior, body and drive train: Polyurethanes, elastomers, coatings, fluids, adhesives, products for acoustic management. In addition, our technicians support your processes with our knowledge from production and supply chain to research and development.


Our products are suitable for the following applications:

  • Sealing
  • (Structural) Bonding
  • Reduction of complexity of the components by partial integration
  • Increased rigidity with less weight
  • Use of lightweight materials
  • Structural foams for cavity formation and to improve acoustic performance and crash Performance