Bodo Möller Chemie Group

Cobalt free Driers

Alkyd based water borne coatings are the future. The development of this technology, whether as alkyd emulsion or through hybridisation, has produced resins / coatings that rival the properties provided by traditional solvent borne resins / coatings. Being alkyd based they are still dependant on the auto-oxidative drying process. We offer a drier and family that have been developed specifically for use in these systems. It  is a special Manganese based drier with high activity at very low concentration, giving a drying performance and storage stability required for water borne coatings. It is an active drier designed for water based alkyds and hybrid alkyds. This line of water-dispersible driers was especially developed for use in water soluble alkyds, oils, urethanes and alkyd-emulsion vehicles.

The other drier we offer is a Manganese based drier with high activity at low concentration, giving a drying and hardness development performance comparable to that of cobalt driers whilst having only a minimal effect on the long term discolouration of the finished article. It is a replacement for cobalt in all coatings, inks and unsaturated polyester resins.
We offer an extensive line of cobalt free driers, in different forms, to meet and substitute virtually every drying need in the paint and coatings industry without using any dangerous substances.