Trickle resin

The impregnation with resins permits cavities and spaces to be closed and sealed between the windings of the wires. The fixation of the wires around the windings achieves improved insulation and minimized vibrations. This procedure also increases the thermal conductivity and provides better protection against exterior (environmental) influences, and creates a connection effect on the laminations.

Criteria of a high-quality impregnation:
• complete intrusion of the resin into existing gaps
• no bubbles in the winding mass
• creates a connection to the laminations
• no resin residues on shafts and sheets

2-component trickle resin on epoxy resin basis, curing at increased temperature

  • liquid 2-component trickle resin system, free of solvents and free of DDM
  • impregnation and mechanical solidification of stressed electric motor windings for low ratings with 500 watt and several KW.
  • small rotors and stators
  • homogeneous, adhesive strength, high-quality mechanical and electrical winding impregnation with excellent thermal loading capacity