Hotmelt casting compounds

1-component co-polyamides are casting compounds used as thermoplastic synthetics for low pressure castings in electronic and electrical applications. These hot melt materials are not reactive. The application takes place in a permanent form comparable to plastic injection moulding. The co-polyamides have very low viscosity and therefore require low injection pressure in the die mould, and subsequent processing can be carried out with a dosing unit for low pressure casting. These hot melt materials are used whenever very short cycle times are required. We offer:

  • Hot melt UL 94 V0 approved
  • Hot melt without UL 94 Vo

Low-pressure encapsulation technique is the ideal procedure for:

  • sealing and bonding sandwich components
  • acting against moisture and mechanical damage
  • shaping unusual component contours
  • relieving cable glands from pressure and/or pulling, dampening against blows, vibrations and shocks
  • insulating against heat, cold and electrical energy
  • fixating various components and materials with each other

High quality thermoplastic PA hot melt adhesives with elastomer characteristics are employed as materials.

The fields of application:

  • circuit board casting
  • conductor foil casting
  • cable and hose nozzles
  • electrical plug and couplings
  • sensors and switches, also miniature switches
  • transmitters and receivers in high frequency engineering
  • amplifiers and spools
  • single strand and bundle seals