Electronics cleaning products

We offer high reliability cleaning products for electronic assembly and semiconductor packaging applications. Our cleaners are designed for use in standard inline and batch defluxing systems, stencil and misprint cleaners as well as vapor degreasers. We also have a complete line of manual, non-aqueous products which are ideal replacements for isopropyl alcohol (IPA). These products have been specially formulated to meet today’s performance, compatibility and environmental requirements.


Areas of application

  • Military and avionics printed circuit board components
  • Wafer level packages and wafer bumping
  • Passive and active construction elements
  • Ceramic and hybrid printed circuit board components
  • Mains and ignition modules
  • Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMs)
  • RF and microwave devices
  • Flip chip packages
  • Wire-bonded devices
  • Measurement transducers – pressure, temperature, optical
  • Medical devices
  • Test cards


  • Aqueous in-line and batch defluxing
  • Semi-aqueous in-line and batch defluxing
  • Steam degreasing for flux removal
  • Aqueous cleaning of stencils/misprints
  • Solvent-based cleaning of stencils/misprints
  • Cleaning of manual rework