2-component polyurethane casting resin /PUR casting resin, curing at room temperature

Polyols are cured with isocyanate (e.g. MDI or HDI). The reaction starts directly upon intermixing these components. The arising heat of reaction is therefore moderate, whereby larger casting volumes are also possible. Polyurethane is preferentially employed because of its low price.

Moisture reacts with isocyanate to form CO2 which is not desired for full castings. We therefore have resin components which contain moisture captors in order to make the casting resin insensitive to moisture.
Depending on the required demands on the castings, resins with the following properties are available:

  • low viscosity and easy handling
  • good thermal conductivity
  • low heat creation and shrinkage
  • reactivity can be adapted simply
  • gel time of 2 minutes to 90 minutes available
  • handling at lower temperatures also possible
  • flexibility also at low temperatures
  • suitable for pressure-sensitive components
  • good cracking resistance also with thermal cycles
  • casting of large components
  • chemical resistance
  • good adhesion
  • low costs
  • deep mixed viscosities with excellent fluidity
  • high degree of filling with excellent handling
  • UL 94 V0 approval