2-component epoxy resin, curing at room temperature

Room temperature curing epoxy resin is cured with amine. Thermal conductive and self-extinguishing (UL94 V0) casting resins are available for the filled epoxy resin. Filled epoxy resins are preferred over unfilled for larger casting volumes, since there is a lower heat of reaction with the filling materials. Likewise, smaller heat expansion coefficients are achieved with the filled epoxy resin.
The advantage of unfilled epoxy resin is essentially the improved fluidity and the simplicity of handling. Filled casting resins must be stirred before handling and possibly heated up to achieve the necessary flow characteristics, but this does not apply for unfilled epoxy resin.

We offer

  • Filled epoxy resins with UL 94 V0 approval
  • Unfilled transparent epoxy resins

Depending on the required casting demands, resins with the following properties are available:

  • long pot life (working time)
  • excellent impregnating capability or capillary characteristics
  • high electrical dielectric properties
  • outstanding mechanical characteristics
  • from very hard and pressure-tight up to high-impact and flexible
  • excellent thermal long-term behaviour
  • depending on type, up to 180°C continually heat-resistant
  • high glass transition temperatures
  • heat dimensional stability up to 100°C
  • high chemical stability