Polyester, vinylester and urethane acrylate based resins for construction of components made of fibre reinforced plastics

Our high-quality resin systems (unsaturated polyester resins, epoxy vinyl ester resins) can be used in many applications. Bodo Möller Chemie offers a wide range of polyester resins for composites applications.

Our polyester resins are resistant against low acids and bases as well as against fuel and oil. Polyester resins form long and unbranched polymers but which can also be cross-linked. Our resin systems comprise also fire retardant systems which are halogen and antimony free. To achieve this, so-called functional groups are added to the molecule. They cross-link and cure. Unsaturated polyester resins contain double bonds curing with styrol or other reactive diluents with the aid of peroxides like for example dicumyle peroxide, dibenzoyl peroxide or methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. We offer you a comprehensive product portfolio for a wide variety of applications like SMC, RTM, CMR, Vacflo, etc.