Composites, Mouldmaking

Gelcoats for the design and protection of surfaces of components made of fibre reinforced plastics

  • Polyester bonding Gelcoats
  • Epoxy resins bonding Gelcoats
  • Sandable Gelcoats
  • Topcoats

A gelcoat is a material used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of a fibre-reinforced composite material. The gelcoat protects the subjacent lacquer against moisture and pressure damages by sealing the composite. In addition the gelcoat gives the manufactured component a glossy surface which improves the aesthetic appearance of the article. When gelcoats are used indoors, it’s relatively easy to preserve a lasting and attractive surface. But with outdoor applications, if the gelcoat is not specifically designed for the application, problems can occur like changing colour, fading, loss of gloss or abrasion. This can be the case particularly in the marine industry.

The gelcoats we offer are very high-quality gelcoats. They have excellent weathering performance to suit demanding external applications in marine, building, transport and industrial markets where exterior durability is critical. They are widely used in wind power, pipeline construction and rehabilitation and are easy to handle and enable to get tough and long-lasting surfaces. The finish has a low porosity which makes the gelcoat easy to repair. Furthermore the gelcoats are very flexible and resist to the demoulding process without crack formation even by complicated components. The initial gloss is very high which makes polishing less time-consuming. All gelcoats have to pass severe tests, 12 months duration time, before they can be included in the product portfolio. We offer a wide range of brush and spray gelcoats, including isophthalic/NPG, fire retardant, sandable or tooling gelcoats, topcoats, barriercoats and epoxy bonding gelcoats.