Devices for the tool manufacture and moulding

Filling materials

Filling materials with special functions are very widely used in the electronics industry. Fillers can have an influence on a number of important properties. For epoxy systems we supply aluminium oxide, aluminium hydroxide, dolomite, mica, chalk, talc, ground quartz and wollastonite.

Colour pastes

High-viscosity, solvent-free specialized dye-pastes are used to colour epoxy and polyurethane mouldings and moulded parts of all kinds.

Mould release agents

Separators have always been indispensable aids. We supply wax-based, silicon-free mould release agents for cold- and hot hardening systems as well as mould-sealers for sealing plastics, rubber, wax etc.

Wax sheets

To form spacing layers we offer self-adhering wax foils in various strengths.