Rheology modifiers

Thickeners also belong to the group of rheology modifiers, which influence a whole range of properties of coating substances: viscosity, consistency, workability, water absorbtion and retention, time it can be left open, runniness, removability, stability in storage, water-resistance, sprayability, resistance to spreading, smoothness of flow, washability, resistance to chafing etc. Thickening agents play a crucial role in this, even though their volume is only small as a proportion of the total formulation. Our thickeners are fully synthetic and hence possess a high resistance to bacterial attack. Hardened films with thickeners are highly water-repellant. Paints which have been mixed with our thickeners demonstrate an increased resistance to rub-off when wet.
Unlike the thickeners which operate though being steeped in an aqueous medium and thus increase its viscosity, associative thickeners interact with the dispersions as a bonding agent. The thickening which takes place through the formation of ‘micella bridges’ is much more pronounced in connection with fine-particle dispersions than with those of coarse particles.
The products in our range are easy-to-handle, alkali-soluble, acrylate-associative thickeners which facilitate reliable rheology-control in the production of paints, lacquers and dispersions.