Adhesion Promoters for Printing Inks

Our range of organic titanates and zirconates are used as adhesion promoters in the market for ink manufacturers. The latest development for the inks industry, was created as a direct response to both the need to produce a significant improvement in resistance and adhesion properties, as well as in responce to any implications that the use of Acetylacetonate (2,4-pentanedione) may have in the formulation of inks used on film for food packaging applications. This range is giving benefits such as low odour, low yellowing, improved stability, improved adhesion, improved processing, improved performance and improved viscosity. Our products do not contain phosphate esters.

Organic Titanates for solvent based Inks are used for the following advantages:

  • Excellent resistance to heat, solvents, grease and water
  • Proven over 25 years of product development
  • Offering acetylacetonate free adhesion promoters
  • Product supply and technical service tailored to individual customer needs