Adhesion Agents, Crosslinking Additives, Filler Activators (Silanes)

We offer a broad range of silanes and silane blends.
The products can be used in numerous different coating systems, when pre-treating fillers or used in adhesives, in the construction industry, in jointing compounds, as well as in textile equipment.
By using them in wet coating systems, it is also possible to reach a comparably high quality level to that of solvent-based systems, which have been the standard for years.
In solvent-based coating, the application of silanes results in improvements in adhesion and abrasion-resistance, thus significantly prolonging the lifetime of the coat and saving valuable resources, ultimately also saving money. 

Ask us: We offer customized solutions and formulation assistance by means of guide formulations.

Properties and advantages

  • Better coating adhesion especially with metallic surfaces, but also in any other case where the surface contains hydroxyl groups
  • In systems with two components, silanes increase the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance and also improve weather resistance
  • Improved dispersion for fillers and pigments

Main application areas

  • Wet Coating
  • Powder Coating
  • Filler Pre-treatment (since the silane is included in its hydrolysed form, it is suitable for surface treatment in primer systems or for pre-treating fillers.)

Silanes as Adhesion Promoter
We have a wide range of different Deolink silanes and soft-touch additives, non-slip and matting agents. The application is possible in addition to a variety of different coating systems in the pre mixing process of the fillers, adhesive applications, in the construction industry, sealants or also in textile finishing. The idea of sustainability is in the foreground during the product development. So the Deogrip products are based on the renewable resource castor oil.

  • Silanes as Adhesion promoter
  • Matting Agents