Alkyd resins

Alkyd resin is a synthetic polyester resin always modified with natural fatty acids and/or oils and/or synthetic fatty acids. The variation options of alkyd resin in structure, composition in the lacquer-technical characteristics is extraordinarily large. The advantage of alkyd resin opposite other binder systems still is in the technologically tremendous range of variation. These make possible custom-made products for certain characteristics and areas of application. Furthermore alkyd resin is characterised by a simple workability and application, and not least alkyd resins are still very low-priced. Water-based alkyd resin becomes even more popular due to the high pressure by the European Union legislation, therefore an increasing demand is the result. Our new product range Hydrospol covers products such as middle and long oil alkyd resins, which fulfill on the one hand the high qualitative requirements and the legal regulations of the VOC guideline.