Binders for printing inks and varnishes for the packaging industry

In our product portfolio we have polyamide resins which are used as binders, co-binders or modifying agents for printing inks and printing varnishes, especially for flexographic and rotogravure printing processes. Depending on their specific composition, the solid polyamides are soluble in alcohols or in co-solvent mixtures of alcohols and non-polar solvents like petroleum spirits or aromatic carbohydrate solvents. They contain up to 90% renewable resources.

Properties & Applications

  • Packaging industry: main end-market
  • Good adhesion to plastic packaging films and good flexibility of the printing film
  • Good compatibility with each other and good compatibility with a wide range of natural and synthetic resins, plasticizers, waxes and most of the types of pigments
  • Blocking resistance, gloss, chemical resistance (to water, detergents, fats and oils)