Thixotropic agents

Organic titanates are used as thixotropic agents for Decorative and Industrial coatings.Our product range in the Decorative Coatings market means every time we load a brush or roller with emulsion paint we are guaranteed a thick even finish with no brush marks or running. Industrial applications include corrosion resistant coatings, silicone sealants, glass coatings, wood coatings, wire enamel coatings, and textile waterproofing.

The advantage for the Decorative Coatings Market:

  • supplies a leading range of coatings structuring agents for water based gloss, silk and matt emulsion paints.
  • offers excellent gloss, flow and anti-spatter properties to emulsion paints.

The advantage for the Industrial Coatings Market:

  • The range of Industrial Coatings products for use in a variety of applications from silicone sealants, thermal hardening to wood coatings.
  • offers many benefits to the end products such as improved cure rate, adhesion, physical strength, chemical resistance, rheology control, to name but a few.
  • range owes their success to their versatility acting as adhesion promoters, catalysts, crosslinkers and surface modifiers.