Adhesives, Sealants

Technical self-adhesive tapes

Our range of double sided tapes has a filmic carrier coated with either rubber or acrylic adhesives. It meets a lot of professional needs in many industries by offering highly efficient solutions for applications such as bonding, mounting, sound dampening, placing gaskets and seals, etc. Thanks to its double-sided construction, our range can be enlarged with custom products (e.g. different thicknesses and adhesives types) when unique properties are required for specific applications.
The double sided foam tapes are coated with either rubber or acrylic adhesives. These tapes are ideal when working on uneven or dissimilar surfaces. The foam tapes are compressible and highly conformable and therefore adhere easily to irregular and/or curved substrates. Our range offers different types of foams and adhesives to meet almost any requirement in terms of bonding, mounting, and insulating.