Adhesives, Sealants

Wood working adhesives

The permanent and ongoing development of Adhesives for a variety of applications in wood working and lumber make it possible to connect differing substrates. We have a full product range of adhesives to meet the variety of industry standards for both panel and solid wood furniture manufacturing. In lumber wood construction for example, adhesives are used, which are tested with a very high expenditure also regarding to climatic changes and extreme demands.

We offer a range of products for assembly of furniture and furniture subcomponents, worktops, cabinets and joinery, decorative mouldings and wall panels. Other applications include hot melts used in joining cabinet frames, water-based emulsions for doweling, reactive hot melts for wooden audio and music equipment.

Finger jointing
We present a wide range of adhesives to many industries utilising finger-jointing techniques. These include interior solid wood furniture, exterior high-performance window frames.

Multi-Layer Laminating
Our products include water-based emulsions that increase production speed, as well as minimise formaldehyde content in multi-layer laminations such as solid wood panels and plywood. These products meet several industry regulations and are suitable for a wide range of wood species.

Postforming / Softforming
We offer a wide range of softforming and postforming application adhesives.

Edge Banding
We supply adhesives for edge banding to the world’s leading furniture manufacturers. Our products include hot melts for roller applicators and for the new slot technology, high heat-resistant grades for high-temperature export shipping conditions, reactive hot melts for difficult new edging materials amongst many others.

  • Wood working adhesives for doors and windows
  • 2-component wood working adhesives
  • Wood working adhesives
  • Hotmelt adhesives