Adhesives, Sealants

Packaging adhesives (Paper Converting)

In this multi purpose scope of application we offer an extensive product range for almost all areas of packaging production. All adhesives are phtalate free, often meet the requirements / regulations of the FDA and BfR and are suitable in part for direct food contact.The product range covers the entire range of viscosity. Packaging adhesives are in use which provide at optimum consumption high bonding reliability, at machine speeds > 500 m / min. Due to the high production standards and product quality smooth running properties are given, such as through nozzles <0.5 mm in diameter or disc and roller application.

  • Folding box manufacturing
  • Lamination / Core winding
  • Bags and Sacks manufacturing
  • Envelope manufacturing
  • Window patching
  • Side and bottom seam (Nozzle application, disc application)
  • Top flap gumming (Mix gumming, synthetic based)
  • Presure sensitive adhesives – water based
  • Presure sensitive adhesives – latex based