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Labeling adhesives

With our labeling adhesives we have an innovative product family that enables us to cover the full range of labeling with the different adhesive systems. It doesn’t matter whether it is paper or plastic labels, glass bottles to PET bottles, metal cans or other containers to be labeled.
These innovative adhesives are proven in the daily practice to meet the current legal requirements and are characterized by excellent machinability, optimal consumption and good cleaning properties.

We offer:

  • Product range based on natural polymers: the customer will have the broadest portfolio & technology selection combined with top quality and reliability for all your labeling applications.
  • Complete high-performance waterborne adhesive product range for all labeling needs.
  • A high performance hotmelt product line for the labeling application, with high reliability as well as safer and more efficient processing, versatile and powerful in the wide variety of applications.
  • Rubber based
  • EVA-based
  • High performance labeling adhesives
  • High performance waterborn labeling adhesives
  • Complete hotmelt product range for labeling
  • Spayable labeling adhesives