Adhesives, Sealants


Hotmelts are thermoplastic polyamids for bonding or moulding of a variety of materials. Hotmelts are applied hot on the surface and adhesion occurs during cooling. Key features of hotmelts are: low viscosity and easy processing, excellent low temperature flexibility, low temperature creep resistance and a broad softening range.

Our hotmelts can be used for the following applications:

  • Packaging adhesives (Paper Converting)
  • End of Line adhesives
  • Wood working adhesives
  • Labeling adhesives
  • Technical and textile bonding applications

We offer also following types of hotmelts:

  • Hotmelts on polyurethane basis
  • EVA hotmelts
  • APAO hotmelts (polyolefin)
  • PSA hotmelts (self-adhesive or semi self-adhesive)