Adhesives, Sealants


Cyanoacrylates are one-part adhesives and have been designed to cure by reacting to small traces of surface moisture. Cyanoacrylates cure very quickly at room temperature in seconds. Cyanoacrylates provide excellent bonding performance whether you are bonding metals, plastics or rubber as well as wood and other porous materials.
Materials which will be normally bond with difficulties as for example: POM, PP, PE, PET, EPDM, Silicon could be bond excellent with Cyanoacrylates.

Available Cyanoacrylates - characteristics:

  • from thin-layered to 0,5 mm gap filling
  • from highly liquid to stable / thixotropic
  • high temperature resistant to 250°C
  • low odour, non fogging or frosting
  • non-blooming (9xx Series)
  • flexible, impact resistant, gap fill
  • drop free, gel