Adhesives, Sealants

Overview Araldite and Araldite 2000+


Araldite 2010-1
Fast curing, toughened, high shear and peel streng

Araldite 2011
Multi purpose, long working life, good resistance to dynamic loading

Aradite 2012
Fast curing, multi purpose, bonds a wide variety of materials

Araldite 2013
Gap filling to 5 mm, metal coloured, suitable for vertical applications, resists chemicals

Araldite 2014-1
High temperature resistance (until 120°C), high water and chemical resistance, gap filling, grey paste

Araldite 2015
Gap filling to 10 mm, toughened paste, ideal for GRP, SMC

Araldite 2018
Two component PU adhesive system, ideal for bonding thermoplastics, good UV stability, flexible

Araldite 2021
Rapid cure, multi purpose, high peel strength

Araldite 2022
Excellent resistance to petrol and oils, methacrylate adhesive for fast assembly operations on a wide range of substrates including those which can be difficult to bond

Araldite 2040
Two component flexible polyurethane adhesive, ideal for bonding plastics, Low shrinkage, gap filling, ideal for thick bond lines

Araldite 2047
Methacrylate adhesive requiring minimal surface pre-treatment, good properties on otherwise difficult to bond substrates, high impact resistance over a wide temperature range, gap filling

Araldite 2052
Methacrylate adhesive, Very high temperature resistance (until 200°C), Excellent chemical resistance, Thixotropic paste, fast curing, Good adhesion even without particular pre-treatment

Araldite 2055
Two component gap filling polyurethane adhesive, long open time, Resists weathering and humidity, low shrinkage, Suitable for bonding a variety of metal and plastic substrates, gap filling

All products are available in 50 ml, 200ml and 400ml cartridges and 2kg working packs.

  • Following product groups also belong to Araldite:

Araldite Methacrylate adhesives
Araldite 2-component epoxy resin adhesives
Araldite 2-component polyurethane adhesives
Phenolic resin
Resin for the manufacture of fibre reinforced plastics (Structural Composites)
Epoxy casting resin for the electrical and electronics industries
Basic resins
Modified and unmodified liquid epoxy resins and curing agents
Reactive diluents
Solid epoxy resins and curing agents