Adhesives, Sealants

Additives for aqueous adhesives

In the formulation of water-based adhesives the right additives can get greatest potential out of your products: Our additives can be used, for example, for a comprehensive control of the rheology of your adhesives or to avoid optical defects, such as foam or bubbles.

  • Excellent rheology
  • Modification and improvement of rheology in water-based adhesive systems
  • Optimal flow, leveling and drip-inhibitory properties, while mixing and applying
  • A high viscosity prevents settling of the adhesive so that it remains pumpable, stirred and sprayable
  • Rheological additives (thickeners) for aqueous adhesives

  • For effective performance and value of adhesive raw materials
  • Foam control at various stages of processing
  • For a cost-effective and lasting defoaming of aqueous adhesive systems

  • Defoamers for aqueous adhesives