Sound damping systems and Cavity foaming systems (acoustics and structure)

Sound damping systems

A sound damping system is a pumpable, expanding, vibration-damping and impact-resistant coating for use, for example, in doors and floor-plates with corrosion-resistant properties, ideal for damping vibration.
The products in our range are self-adhering, multi-layered pressings for manual application and can be supplied in a wide variety of forms. Multi-layer systems absorb the vibrational energy of the components on which they are affixed.

Cavity foaming systems

These injectable polyurethane-based systems are chiefly injected into vehicle cavities in order to achieve a reliable bulkhead separation from wind noise (acoustic systems). A very good enhancement of rigidity by means of structural or rigidity foams provides high weight-saving potential improved crash performance, since it is possible to develop designs with thinner panels and without additional strengthening pieces.