Adhesives, Sealants

2-component polyurethane adhesives

The dual-component adhesives consists of the polyol components (A) and the isocyanate components (B) and have to be mixed and worked in fixed proportions. The adhesives are also available as highly inflammable systems. The adhesive layer of 2-component polyurethane systems hardens to a tough rigidity or a rubbery elasticity, depending on the proportion of raw materials used. We supply systems with a curing time ranging from 2 to 120 minutes, obtainable in viscosities from volatile to highly viscous. Dual-component PUR adhesives are excellently suited to flat-surface bonding in aircraft construction, cladding and in shipbuilding.
Other appropriate applications are, for example, high-value assembly bonding, plastics bonding, right-angle bonding, and also for use as castings or as adhesive for SMC building components.