Adhesives, Sealants

When it´s a question of adhesives, weare leadersinEurope.Thanks to experience, competenceand know-how, wehavealways the bestsolution for you. A widespread selection of high qualityadhesiveand sealantsystemsprovides manufacturing advantagesfor a variety ofapplications and requirements.

Composites, Mould-making

Whether for transportation, automotive, construction, marine, sports or leisure - for each application, we have the appropriate resin system for fibre reinforced materials. Also convince yourself of our high performance products for the model and mold-making industry.


Textilescan do morethan just look andfeel good. And we know that: So in our product portfolio you find productsfor the entire textileprocessing, which can be appliedto technical textiles and syntheticfibresand also respectenvironmentallyfriendly production.


Plastics (additives, resins and pigments)

A strong product line that copes with the fast-growing market for plastic applications and also offers specialties like synthetic additives for very complex tasks in all areas of plastic applications.


The surface is the key: we offer the optimal raw materials for your paints and coatings. Tailored to your needs additives, pigments and polymers protect your  products best against environmental influences and mechanical stress.

Performance Chemicals

Special, specific, individual -whetherchallengingordifficult chemicalprocesses, outstanding applications, fine chemicals or particular and unique requirements - for ourperformance chemicals no challenge istoo special.



We supply raw materialsforindustrial rubberproducts. These provide long term durability and a highdegree of safety.Our additives, release andvulcanization agents are used for manufacturingandprocessing of rubber goods.


Ourresin systems forelectronic encapsulation are used for transformers, high-voltage componentsandother electronic devices. The most important advantages for your products: long durabilityandenvironmental resistance.


Primarily, our Greenline products bring benefits to the environment.But also you will have green figuresthanks toproductsthat improve each of your processes, like industrial or business tasks,and also your qualityandcost management.



Avoid losses by friction, we offer an extensive range of corrosion protection additives, antioxidants, metal deactivators, anti-wear and high-pressure additives. Likewise, we can provide customer-specific additive packages.


With us you will findhigh-qualityproducts and innovativesolutions for construction ofcars, commercial transportation, rail vehicles and marineapplications: e.g.sealing,(structural)bonding,useof lightweight materialsand much more.